Wedding Film Pricing

Wedding Film Pricing

Parker Gentry Films Pricing

Wedding videography pricing is based on a number of factors, such as location, type of wedding, coverage, and much more. For a while we kept all of our packages listed on our website, but quickly found that our packages were not one size fits all. Now we customize each package based on wedding location, coverage, type of wedding, interests of each couple, special requests, etc.


Our packages begin around $980 for basic packages. To get a more compressive list of pricing and package breakdown please fill out our contact form, send us an email to or give us a call at 801-645-9743.

Testimonials of Parker Gentry Films

It's amazing how you were able to capture the spirit of our family as if you have known us forever. It is who we are woven into our special day. Thank you very much!!!

- Valerie

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